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 This page contains in my opinion,the finest guitars in the world.I began appreciating vintage guitars when I purchased a 1963 Stratocaster when I was 20 years old.I paid $850 for the instrument back then and I emptied my pockets to acquire it.I realize it's worth much more today but it fits me so well I'll never sell that Strat.I also have a vintage Marshall amplifier and a Martin D41 which is about 20 years old.Musical gear seemed to be manufactured with more hand made skills back then and less mass production.Brazilian Rosewood was used on Martin guitars until 1969 and that particular wood is considered an endangered species now.Indian Rosewood became the next choice for the Martin which Martin only selects the finest pieces of any wood throughout the world. 


1956 Fender Stratocaster

The Fender Stratocaster,designed and realeased in 1954 by the late Leo Fender is still to this day,one of the finest guitars in the world.The Strats of the 60's came in a variety of candied car finishes as well as a couple of sunburst choices.The so called "pre CBS" Strats were made before 1967 and are sought after because of their less mass production like qualities after the corporate giant CBS took over the Fender company.  


1955 Gibson Les Paul

The Gibson Les Paul guitar was an invention of Mr.Paul when he brought the Gibson what he called "The Log".A solid bodied guitar with pick ups and knobs.Gibson then turn that bizarre looking invention into a piece of art.Feedback resistant and powerful is the Les Paul guitar.The famous "flamed top" guitars of the late 50's were the from the use of curly maple tops.Les Paul also invented the muti track tape recorder.  


1961 Gibson ES335 Dot Neck 


1972 Gibson Firebird V

The Firebird had a unique design.The guitar was actually a one piece neck with the body sides joined and glued.The pickups are actually the same pickups used in the Les Paul Deluxe guitars.They are nicknamed,small humbuckings.The headstock was very unusual and the tuners can be upgraded with Grover banjo tuners.The guitar body was all mahogany. 


Gibson Hummingbird Acoustic


The Gretsch White Falcon


Martin D41


Martin 00042 Eric Clapton model,Brazilian Rosewood 

The Martin acoustic guitar sounds as good as it looks.Remarkable craftsmenship and design are these fine intruments.Martins prior to 1970 used Brazilian Rosewood as a production wood for the sides and backs of all  top of the line Martins.As this particular wood became scarce Martin introduced its D35 model dreadnought guitar.Usually each guitar had two piece bookmatched backs o the Brazilian Rosewood.Martin then using a three piece back to use less of this rosewood .Bookmatching,the best I can explain,is when a piece of wood is split and opened like a book so you have two perfectly matched sides.Brazilian Rosewood is from the rainforest and is becoming very scarce these days along with ivory.


1972 Martin D28


1958 Fender Telecaster


1962 Fender Precision Bass


1958 Gibson Flying V