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The Yardbirds 1964 with Jeff Beck

I've been an avid record collector for many years and my collection is mostly,rock,blues,and folk from the 60's and 70's.The demise of vinyl started with the introduction of cd's.Although the unwanted cracks and pops were eliminated with the cd vinyl does have it's own qualities.A needle touching a record seems to have a certain breath that is lost with the compact disc.

The Beatles came out with a radical album cover for their Yesterday and Today album.The fab 4 were shown sitting down with baby dolls cuts of beef,which is known today as the very rare butcher cover.When the record was released to radio stations across the U.S.,the dj's couldn't believe their eyes and contacted Capitol records.They told Capitol that the cover was too bizarre and questioned if a mistake had been made.Capitol recalled the albums from the dj's and quickly pasted over an alternate cover which is the most common cover that exists today.This photo has The Beatles around a large foot locker or trunk.So the trunk cover became the norm.The exact numbers of paste over albums is not known and Capitol didn't receive all the original "first state" album covers that were suppose to be returned.An original first ste cover is worth thousands and a paste over copy is worth hundreds of dollars.


Usually mono pieces command higher prices than stereo.A lot of the original masters in the 60's were recorded and intended to be in mono.The Beatles Seargent Pepper and Magical Mystery Tour albums were originally released as mono.They are very collectible pieces and are worth 10 times more than the stereo versions of the same albums.Another example would be Moby Grape's first album.The mono cover has a rare picture of the drummer holding his middle finger over a washboard.The original picture was eliminated in the stereo release.


A release from Jack Bruce,Ginger Baker,and Gary Moore.Very Cream sounding and nice guitar work. 


This release by George Harrison after the Beatles break-up is simply a classic.There are a couple of weak moments in the Apple jams but a classic none the less. 


Top notch musicianship and the tremendous vocals of David Clayton Thomas made up Blood,Sweat,and Tears   


The original Fleetwood Mac.Peter Green's god like guitar work.John McVie would later marry Christine Perfect who then becomes Christine McVie.


Free,a powerful rock-blues band was headlined by Paul Rodgers as vocalist.Their huge hit"All Right Now" topped the charts.Rodgers went on to co-found Bad Company.


Rock's 1st power trio was named Cream.A driving backbeat with. Ginger Baker on drums and Jack Bruce on bass.Then you add Eric Clapton to guitar to complete the chemistry.Cream was only together for two years.Later,Clapton and Baker teamed up with Steve Winwood to form Blind Faith.  


John Mayall with the legendary Peter Green on guitar makes "A Hard Road" a tremendous album.


The James Gang with Joe Walsh and their 1st album entitled "Yer Album".A tremendous rhythm section and stunning guitar work by Walsh.


This particular album was the catalyst for me to begin guitar.A mixture of acoustic and electric music surrounded by wonderful harmonies.Timeless music is Crosby,Stills,and Nash.