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Acoustic Guitar and Folk Page
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 The last few years have brought us a deja' vu of the folk movement of the 60's.The resurgence of coffee houses and larger folk festivals.The acoustic guitar plays a major role in the music of today.The "unplugged" slogan is well understood.I've played my Stratocaster through my old Marshall and it's exciting for sure,but the acoustic guitar remains my true love.  The links on this page take you to what I believe to be the finest acoustic guitars in the world.

Jerry Garcia

Rory Gallagher

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A friend of mine turned me on to a Lowden guitar.He said,"put your Martin down and check this out".It had an incredible range and a tremendous voice.He had medium strings on it and it sounded like a piano.


Lowden S32

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Crosby,Stills,and Nash with Laura Nyro in the backround

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Seagull Artist Series(Rosewood Spruce)

George Gruhn is possibly the most knowledgable vintage guitar person known.His website contains all kinds of new and vintage instruments.

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Stephen Stills playing an old Martin D45.The old style Kluson tuners are one mark of this vintage instrument.


Martin D42


The John Lennon Gibson J-160E