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This link takes you to the Delaware River in New York state.This is a beautiful resort called the West Branch Angler.


Rainbow Trout

The Orvis Company

Fly Fishing seems to put me in a hypnotic state.It's like a natural tranquilizer for me.There's something about the sound of a trout stream.Watching the movie "A River Runs Through It" even makes the non fly fisherman understand the beauty within this sport.Of course fly fishing ranges from casting a 3 weight rod for native Brook Trout to fishing for Atlantic Salmon or Steelhead on 8 or 10 weight rods.The Farmington River is one of my favorite trout streams with miles of a catch and realease area.I usually stop at "Up Country Sports" to get the river conditions and hatches.

The Up Country Sports Website


A British Columbian Steelhead

The trout streams of the western states like Colorado,Montana,and Idaho are awesome.They deliver the ideal temperature and food for trout to become very large.Small creeks that run through farmland are very plentiful of enormous trout.


The Madison River,Ennis Montana


Henry's Fork,Idaho